Apartment and city living is over (for now at least). This past Saturday, Michael and I finally moved out of our Seattle apartment and into our suburb home. It was kind of bittersweet since our apartment was our first 'space' together. A lot of memories were made, we had a killer view of Mt. Rainier, and we were in walking distance of some pretty neat shops and restaurants. Those things will be missed, but it's exciting to embark on a new place together.

After hours of moving and unpacking boxes, our main floor was clean enough to have company over. Our first ever guests were Cristine (Michael's sister) and her husband Tim. They were kind enough to give us a welcome gift, some bubbly, and provided such a tasty dinner for us!

photo cred: Cristine Peters
Photo Cred: Cristine Peters

It was strange waking up the next day, but it was a good kind of strange. Taking advantage of the new kitchen, I whipped up a tasty breakfast for Michael and I.

For Michael
For me
I think the only person who didn't like the transition was Blaire. He was meowing like crazy for hours on end, but by the end of Sunday he finally calmed down and is slowly coming around to the new place.

To celebrate the new move, Michael and I went to Bottlehouse for some wine and had this scrumptious dessert:


It tasted just like spring!