A Quarter of a Century

This past Saturday was my 25th Birthday. I am now a quarter of a century and I can't believe it. I was never one to celebrate aging. I've always wanted to stay young, stay a teen forever (you can tell I write Young Adult, right?). I'm not sure why I do. Maybe because everything is always so new, exhilarating, and exciting when you're that young. Or maybe because I feel accomplished if I meet my goals at a young age. All stupid thinking, really, but my do the years pass quickly. 

I remember how I've spent my birthday every year from age 14 to 25. This year, I tried to celebrate not just the milestone of 25, but the whole of my life. Because life is too short, and even if I can't be young forever, I feel blessed to have lived another year. And the next year is never a guarantee, so it's time to start celebrating.

So this year, Michael and I flew to Palm Desert to visit his rents and to celebrate my birthday with his family. Next year, I'll fly home to Sacramento and celebrate with my family. As you can tell, I absolutely love California. You can take the girl out of California, but you can't take California out of the girl. I love the heat. The sun. The fresh produce. I love it all.

I started my morning with a run then went to lunch with Michael's mother and sister. Afterwards, Michael took me around to Old Town La Quinta to check out the shops. They had this awesome nitrogen ice cream shop that I loved. So, so, so creamy.

After we checked out the local wine bar before heading back to the house to meet the rest of his family before dinner.

Since Michael's sister and I are only three days apart with our birthdays we went out to Lavender Bistro for dinner to celebrate with everyone. Everything was great! The ambiance, the company, the drinks, the food, and of course, the dessert!

Do you remember how you spent your last birthday? What do you look forward to on your special day? Comment below :)