Revising, reading, and eating.

The title basically summed up my week in the best possible way. I revised my MS, perhaps overthinking things, but I had fun all the same. I did a brainstorming session in my home office with stickies against the closet instead of my usual index cards strewn across the carpet. I kept thinking how aesthetically pretty they looked, so I still have yet to take them down.

Also, Blaire loves to revise. He couldn't help but put his two cents in (which is really him biting the keys and typing out cat-gibberish).

After I finished revising, I set my sights on my TBR pile. I've been neglecting it for awhile, so it was nice to dive into it and relax the rest of the week. I finished Wolf by Wolf and am almost done with A Darker Shade of Magic (book review posts on these to come). For now I'll just gush and say that I LOVE them and definitely suggest picking them up.

I've also been into food lately (well, more than normal). I got into the bad habit of making the same stuff over for dinner, so I tried making rolls at home (this is my second try) and they came out awesome! (My first attempt kind of fell apart -_-)

I'd also been craving ramen, so I talked Michael into going to Yoroshiku for our date night before watching Deadpool (which was so funny, that I think everyone needs to watch it--just don't bring your kids). Ahhhh, I love Japanese food. Look at that!

What's your favorite way to brainstorm?

What's your current read?

And what cuisine have you been craving?

I want to know, so comment below :D