The Golden Birthday

I turned 26th on the 26th. This year was my golden birthday, and I spent it with my husband (it's still so weird to say 'husband' 0_0). Birthdays are bittersweet. I never really like the idea of getting older, but I do appreciate a day I get to spend with loved ones! This month I celebrated all over the place with family and friends, but on the actual day of, I spent it with the love of my life.

As you know from my previous post, I've become a huge plotter. So I guess it's no surprise that I planned out my birthday. Brunch at the London Plane, then off to Pike Place market to get some fresh crab to recreate a dish my mom always made me for my birthday growing up. Also, wine! Because, um, wine!  :)

Michael surprised me with the best gift ever. The rose gold Macbook! You see, I've had the same heavy laptop since the beginning of college which is slow as hell. But it still worked, so I still wrote on it. Travel, however, proved difficult. I'd bring a roller carry-on just to hold the laptop for me or ask Michael to do so in his bag. On the latest trip to Palm Desert, I didn't even want to deal with my clunky laptop, so I left it at home. That said, it was a huge surprise to wake up with this shiny new gift! I can't wait to write all my stories on this beauty! Not to mention it's a million times faster than my old one and I can bring it anywhere! *cue the happy tears*

After breakfast, we went to the market to pick up some fresh flowers, crab, and exotic fruit for dinner and dessert. It's been rainy and gray as usual so I was happy to go home and drink some wine. 

When it came time to make dinner, I winged the recipe I'd seen my mom make year after year for me. It turned out pretty good, but my mom's crab is way better hands down. Still, it was fun to try, and it was my first time making crab at home so I consider that a win. 

All in all, it's been another great year, and I'm looking forward to another and all the books releasing this year!

Can I have my copy of STRANGE THE DREAMER now?