Chicago Series: Poetry Foundation, Chicago Style Hot Dog, and the Architecture Tour

Day two of Chicago was sunny and cool. We started with grabbing a quick lunch and walked along the Magnificent Mile.
Halfway through we took a left to cut through the north loop of town to see the Poetry Foundation Building which houses a complete library of poems.

The space was beautifully designed and the performance room's acoustic was right on.

It was neat going through the books as I found some poetry books from my professors at UC Davis here. We spent an hour or so reading.

Emily Dickinson is my favorite poet, so I couldn't help but take a photo of a few of my favorites.


By the time we were done, we were pretty hungry so we walked to Portillo's for Chicago-style dogs. I'm not a hot dog fan, but I actually thought they tasted pretty good.

After we went to this cute tea shop to rest up our legs. Next door was a Patisserie so I grabbed a few macaroons to go with our tea.

We continued our walk up the Magnificent Mile until we reached Oak Street Beach, which had a pretty cool vibe nestled just out of the hustle and bustle of all the stores. 

From there we biked along Lakeshore using city bikes, which really are the worst because I'm so tiny and can hardly fit them. I almost got into a collision with another biker within 5 minutes. From Michael's point of view, it was highly entertaining. I rolled my eyes and continued on the bike. In the end it was a cool thing to do, but it really sucks to be so short in this scenario.
For dinner we went to Union Sushi, recommended by my sister, and it did not disappoint. I loved the drinks, east coast oysters, beef skewers, and black rice sushi! The fusion vibe really worked in the restaurant's favor so I can see the appeal.


My picture of our dessert doesn't do it justice, but this was a mocha pumpkin cake and it was gooey, soft, and so moist packed with flavor.

To end the night we did the twilight hour of the Architecture cruise. If you are ever in Chicago, this is something to put on your must-do list. It was really fun to learn about the buildings and the city. The sights were also nice on the eyes.







We ended the night with a nightcap at The Gage. All in all, another great day in Chicago. Such a fun city to visit for sure!