The painting and the desk.

Since my engagement post, I've been quieter than normal due to my wisdom teeth surgery. I am happy to report that I am finally 100% better. Dry socket was no joke. I've never been on so many pain meds and Advil for a long length of time (I have an extremely low pain tolerance). The worst part was being unable to drink wine that first week, so I am looking forward to getting out and stopping by my favorite wine bar today.

But first, a few updates. Michael's parents surprised us this week with the beautiful painting below:

This, my friend, is a custom painting of Cafe Roussillon, the place where Michael and I met almost three years ago. This is the most thoughtful gift we have ever received, and I love that I can be reminded of that moment every time I see it. I am truly thankful that I will be marrying into such a wonderful family. It still seems all surreal to me.

In other wonderful news, Michael has informed me that he is moving his desk out of our shared office so that I can have it all to myself as my writing cave. His faith in me that I will accomplish my dreams is something I can't even put into words. When someone believes in you and supports you so much, it's enough to combat your own doubtful thoughts and believe it, too. I'm excited to have my own space, but I still have no idea what to do about it. But one thing I've always wanted was a writing desk. Granted, I was using a perfectly old brown desk Michael had in storage, but I just wanted something more me. So I got this:

It brings some color to the room, which will come in handy during those gloomy grey winter months! So far, it's been great working on it and having silence in the room (Michael was always the blast music while he works type, I was the quiet and write in silence type).

From my mentee bio, you probably know that I've entered Pitch Wars for the second time along with my CP Krystal (wish us luck!). I've submitted M4, which I've currently titled, Diamond Queen. I know it isn't perfect and it still has a ways to go, but I am glad I took the chance.

The writing community truly has been wonderful and I love how people really support one another. Even if I don't get chosen, I'm walking away with gained friends and some encouragement to keep on writing/revising/editing.