I've been in a funk lately since my grandmother passed. I guess this period is grieving, but I've felt a pressing darkness upon my chest. A deep sadness that comes and goes in the most random moments. 
After a talk with my sister, I realized I need to pull myself out of the fog. Remind myself that I am, in fact, alive, and should act so. I am very fortunate to have the life I have, and I shouldn't take it for granted. The days leading up to my grandmother's death, I was really happy, and should aim to get back to that state as long as I honor her memory. Just scrolling through photos on my phone is a reminder of what life has to offer.

Like adorable Blaire and memories like painting with my sister.
Gorgeous summer sunsets.

Beautiful memories at the lavender farm, and making ordinary days extraordinary with some wine and a charcuterie/cheese plate.

And of course, love, and special moments like birthdays! Michael turned the big 28 last week!
Life is beautiful. This past week I've learned it's okay to be sad, but I should also continue to live instead of hiding or idling away.