A to Z Challenge: I is for Insurgent

I is for 'Insurgent.'

I went to see Insurgent this week (the sequel to Divergent) with my sister. I wasn't too enthusiastic since I read the series. For me, the plot line really starts to dip in the second installment, and the third was... I should stop myself here. I don't want to influence nor do I want hate mail from die hard fans. I just wasn't a fan of the rest of the books, though I did love Divergent.

So it was really interesting going to the movies with someone who hadn't read the books. My sister really liked the first book and really wanted to see the second movie. But she left the theater disappointed after. I found it interesting that we came to the same conclusion albeit through different medians (book versus film).

Did you ever see a film that was better than the book or vice versa? Let me know in a comment below!