IWSG: Fragments

Ideas always come in fragments. In time, they come together and build on one another to create something new. Other times the fragments are just that: scraps left on the wayside and forgotten. Have you ever just dug into an old phone or old notebook and stumble upon past musings that didn't make it into your writing notebook?

Sunset headed to California.
Moon on my way back to Washington.

On my flight back to Seattle this Sunday, I did just that. Bored, I combed through notes in my phone and was surprised to find some. Some were terrible, some I liked, but all in all it was interesting to see these fragments as snapshots of my writing mind on the go.

Here's a clip of poetry I like. I wrote it about my sister when she was heading out to move to New York:

She's got battle scars around her heart
with a head filled with dreams.
An intricate life fabric sewn up at the seams.
Faraway eyes, a vision of a scene
Through it she wanders
Making her way the way her conscious deems.

This other clip of poetry was during a stay in Seattle before I decided to move here:

I fear that I am in fact,
a very unhappy person.
I prefer the presence of books to people,
pets to the need of nourishment
for food is hard to swallow between the
salty tears that inevitably fall.
that eveness,
Oh what a lovely piece of asphalt to kiss,
promising stability for the life I hadn't known
I would miss.
If only I didn't weigh you down
with my uncertain emotional tides,
As I sit there waiting.
Waiting for myself to rise.
Rise to the depiction
of the girl you love so well.

And last but not least, a clip of a story that I haven't thought of for awhile, but may be just the thing I should get back into:

Sometimes I feel like some fragments are gold and I should run with them, but at the same time they hardly hold enough substance for me to shape them into a larger project. How do you save your writing fragments? And how do you weave it into your WIP?

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