The Tidy Version

Michelle Tran Armfield is a YA Writer based in the Greater Seattle Area. She received her BA in English Literature with an emphasis in Creative Writing from the University of California, Davis graduating with honors as the commencement speaker. She made her poetry debut in 'Boys, Girls' in 2013, became a PitchWars Finalist in 2015, and is a 2018 New Visions Award Finalist. When not writing, Michelle can be found appreciating wine, making coffee, eating chocolate, reading with her son, or taking walks with her husband. She is currently seeking representation for her projects.

The Messy Version

Once upon a time, Michelle read a book that made her cry, but opened her eyes. She quickly learned that books are magic with the ability to convey empathy and they make great friends when in need of one. Ever since then, she’s always kept a book by her side. Though she made it a point to follow the med-school route her mother wished for her, she could not resist the pull of words and has now set out on a life’s mission to share her stories hoping they will be a friend for those in need of one, and a light to shine a perspective on life like the book that altered her life not so long ago.

On occasion, she blogs about her magic making quest and reflects on the journey with an Instagram post. She isn’t quite yet an author yet, but rest assured, she’s working on it.

When she isn’t making her dreams come true, she tries to be the best mother, wife, daughter, sister, aunt, and friend she can possibly be by being present in the moment and practicing gratitude.